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Sometimes I'm takieng a  part in photo shooting as a makeup artist.

This  movie is registration of action of group "plaj". Members of the group are P.  Maksjan, L.  Majewska, A. Gajewska, and J.  Kuklo.
The film "play plaj" was made by A.  Gajewska

I'm a part of KIWI colective.  

KIWI was founded in 2013. Agnieszka Gajewska, Justyna Kuklo and Małgorzata Marmurowicz created an art collective out of shared passion for modern art and design. Nowadays KIWI is run by Justyna and Małgorzata.

animation made by A. Gajewska

PLAJ it was a  group of four young women artists. All of them studied of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. Group exists since 2008. They did number of performances combining dance, music, drawing and video such as: recording of the dance, PLAJ in the city, PLAY in the black and white. Usually performance is a fifteen minutes live show. During the performance set of drawings is done under expression of the dance.

Etude called  "a Belgian afternoon"

Keeping linocut atelier with children in the "MERCREDIS Artistiques".  Work on art projects with children to 29e Festival Bruxelles Babel (2014) Chantier MERCREDIS Artistiques

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