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2022-2023  oil paintings,

This series is about how we relate with ourselves and those we love. It includes various mini-series telling our own stories about relationships between partners and our lives.
I see life as constructed around waiting, in limbo. We are always waiting for something. We wait to grow up, to finish school, to fall in love for the first time, and sometimes we wait for a breakup, to close a chapter of our life. We are waiting for a promotion, for retirement, for being in better shape, in a better mood, for a better moment.... Our lives are stretched between these instants of suspension.
In my works, I wanted to capture moments of tension and focus on the silence before receiving a message or making a decision.
My paintings are full of symbols with a specific meaning in the history of art, such as lemons, fish, garlic, a book, a skull or a turban. Some of them are meant to remind us of our decisions or issues we need to reflect on.
photos. Martin Coiffier
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